Sea Ranch Getaway

My favorite sleepy, coastal town

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“Happy hour”


A belated sketch from our Sea Ranch vacay last weekend. I love it when the wife and I get to sneak out for a happy hour on the cliffs together. Cheers!

Process: Sketching the California State Capitol


Well, if you’re going to be doing a theme of California landmarks, eventually you’re going to have to tackle our state’s capitol. While a bit intimidating at first, this one was a lot of fun to do. The key was to capture the right perspective.

Finding Inspiration

For those who haven’t visited before, the building and the grounds are immense. Capitol Park is roughly 40 acres worth of expertly planned landscape and the building itself is oozing with character and intricacy. Honestly, it would be cool to plan a show of all the interesting angles of this space. Anyway, I was extremely lucky to find an inspiring shot by William Thompson, who I’d discovered via the Sacramento Board of Tourism Instagram account (@visitsacramento).

So, for those interested heres’ a bit a few shots to show off the inspiration and the process along the way.

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Firsts: Ben and I built our first computer together.


It all began with an unexpected trip to the “Make” store in SF during our holiday trip with the family. If you’re unfamiliar with the “Make” franchise, it’s a cool company that curates and promotes DIY kits and projects of all sorts, ranging from 3D printing to woodworking. A quick look at the website is all it really takes to paint the picture. Today, for instance, the top 3 projects are: “Hack a Teddy Ruxpin to say everything you type or tweet”, “Build your kid a drivable electric tank” and “How to: Turn any photo into a quilt pattern”. Continue reading …

Sketching the Cliffs with my Boy

Art, family, Recreation

Each summer for the past 5 years our family has made the trek up to Sea Ranch, CA. 100 miles north of San Francisco, this sleepy little town is somehow sheltered from so many of life’s little distractions. The roads to get there are winding and when you arrive there is little-to-no cell phone service. Continue reading …