Sketching the Cliffs with my Boy

Art, family, Recreation

Each summer for the past 5 years our family has made the trek up to Sea Ranch, CA. 100 miles north of San Francisco, this sleepy little town is somehow sheltered from so many of life’s little distractions. The roads to get there are winding and when you arrive there is little-to-no cell phone service. Continue reading …

Cruising and Snoozing

cycling, family, Recreation

I’ve got a big ride next weekend. 100 miles up and down the north coast. It’s a gorgeous stretch of road that I’ve written about before and look forward to every year. Still, even with as amped up as get for the ride, 100 miles on a bike is a lot of work…and in the days leading up, I unfailingly get a little nervous. Continue reading …

Video: Capitola Beach Vacay


Just got back from a wonderful beach getaway with family and friends in Capitola, Ca. It is a tradition that I truly cherish. Enjoy the vid.

Summer Highlight: Visiting Joel in Seattle


A little backstory: Three short years ago Joel was tending bar in Davis, CA. Ironically it’s a place that felt a long distance to visit at the time, but a spot that I now travel daily as my morning commute.

Things were going relatively well for him. He was plugged into the scene, enjoying the “college life” that he missed out on during his 5 year stint in the navy, and looking for the next opportunity to get ahead. Still, the grind of the restaurant lifestyle was beginning to take its toll. Nothing an adventure couldn’t remedy.

Continue reading …