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Cruising and Snoozing

I’ve got a big ride next weekend. 100 miles up and down the north coast. It’s a gorgeous stretch of road that I’ve written about before and look forward to every year. Still, even with as amped up as get for the ride, 100 miles on a bike is a lot of work…and in the days leading up, I unfailingly get a little nervous.

This past weekend, I’d fully planned to spend all my free moments desperately hammering in last minute training, testing out the legs on the local hot spots–just as I’ve always done. However, this year we’re a little busier than normal. The new addition, Hudson, is just 2 months old and Ben is running at the full speed of any lively 2.99 yr old.

So, despite my family’s (much appreciated) flexibility, I opted to not fully exploit their kindness. Instead, my weekend was filled with lots of tinker toys, park visits, and a couple of modest outings with the bike trailer attached.

It was a change. Instead of hip hop thumping in my earbuds, helping me pound out the tempo, Ben and I spent the first half of each ride in full conversation.  Picture a very marco-polo-esque exchange on the trails about anything we’d see. If you were out there too, you definitely heard us and were probably confused why this father son duo appeared to be yelling at you about snacks, squirrels and ducks. My apologies.

Then, after a while, a moment of quiet appeared and I thought he might be starting to doze. Nope. For the next half-hour we were fully immersed in a new game where he was a grocery store operator trying to help me find what I needed from his bike trailer/store (…we were still riding). It was unexpected, fun and silly.

Finally, in the last half-hour of our Tour De Folsom, he inevitably crashed out into a deep bobble-headed bike trailer sleep.

When we arrived back home, I picked up my sleepy boy from his trailer and enjoyed a big hug. I asked him if he had a fun time “cruising and snoozing” to which he replied with a yawn a sleepy smile, “ya”. Later, I overhead him tell his mom and grandma that the ride had been the highlight of his day. It was mine too.

This year, I think my legs feel good…I’ll find out how good next week, but there’s no doubt that while I’m out on my big ride, I’ll be thinking about our silly conversations.

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